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Mewni: next stop, Japan Town


A painting combing the beloved Cat Bus from My neighbor Totoro with the San Francisco bus system to become the Mewni! Join the Mewni to explore the many it's many stop around San Francisco!

The destination in this print is Japan Town or any stop along the 38 Geary. This is the original illustration that started the whole idea of Mewni! I saw a screening of My neighbor Totoro in a small theater on Geary, and after the movie the 38 bus blew past me and and I wished it was the Cat Bus...... Also, I grew up taking the 38 to Japan Town and as long as I knew where the 38 was, I never felt lost in San Francisco!

The print come in 8.5 x 11 and 5 x 7 inches. Each print is signed and packaged in a protective clear bag with board.